1 wounded after airgun shootout between two rival pasty makers in Cornwall.

A man was treated in Hospital last night after a gun battle erupted between two rival pasty makers in Cornwall.


The incident happened outside a derelict building, formerly the Normans Supermarket in Camborne, Cornwall.

A witness was walking her dog when she heard shouting in the car park, she said “I was out walking the dog, past the old supermarket when I heard all this noise and commotion. I looked into the blocked off car park and I could see about 10 people in white overalls fighting, it was absolute bedlam. This big lady had a gun and a couple men had rolling pins. I quickly rushed home and called the police.”

P.C. Peter Penter said “We received a call at 8.15pm on Saturday night, after a member of the public witnessed two groups of people, dressed in white overalls fighting outside an old derelict building. One man was seen to be carrying a long object, thought to be a rolling pin and a lady had an air rifle. When we arrived at the scene, the gangs had left the area and we found an injured man, perched against the wall holding his groin. It appears his attacker was aiming for his testicles. The middle aged man was taken to hospital and treated for mild injuries!”

It is believed the battle is part of an ongoing pasty war between Harry Hockings and Polglaze Pasties in Camborne. The two companies have been feuding for years ever since Harry Hocking poached one of Polglazes top crimpers, Sidney “Some Boy” Stevens, from Drump Road Redruth.



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Man struck by lightning using selfie stick in Cornwall


A Camborne man has been hospitalised after his Selfie Stick was struck by lightning!

Malcolm Rosevear of Pengegon was on Carn Brea taking photos when the incident happened.

A passer by said “I was walking my dog when I saw a man standing on a rock with his phone on a stick! I realised it was one of those Selfie Sticke. I thought to myself “It’s a bit dangerous in this thunder and lightning, he’s gonna have someone’s eye out with that.” Then all of a sudden there was a flash and a bolt lightning hit the stick. The lightning went down his arm and I saw a spark fly out his behind! It was the strangest thing I’ve ever seen. I reckon there was a lot of built up gas or something as the lightning set him off like a rocket!”

Malcolm was using a Selfie Stick on Carn Brea.

Malcolm was using a Selfie Stick on Carn Brea.

A doctor at Kernow Hospital in Truro said “Malcolm is completely recovered. His only concern at the moment is getting his phone back so he can post the photo on Facebook.”

Weather ALERT – Spider Snow on Christmas Day!

spider snowBritain weather Alert as it will snow spiders on Christmas day!

700mph hour winds will hit the UK tomorrow at 9.34am, bringing snow and spiders from the middle east!

Weather forecasters have warned that it could be the worst weather since 1932.Michael Chips from the MET Office Camborne said “There’s gonna be bleddy snow and spiders pissing down on us! Get as much beer as you can because i’ll tell ‘e something for nothing, once the spiders are here, you wont be leaving the house for a day of two

“The storm is expect to last well into next week and is worst than earlier predicted of just thunders snow!

Man has Cornish Pasty removed from anus.

from ass
A Camborne man was rushed to hospital today to have a Cornish Pasty removed from his anus.

Nigel Truscott, from Pengegon, Camborne is thought to have been performing a strange sex act when the incident happened. His neighbour, Dorean Bunt called the ambulance after spotting Nigel in his back garden, she said “I was doing the dishes when I heard a groaning noise coming from next door. I went outside and saw Nigel lying face down with his trousers round his ankles and the knob end of a pasty sticking out his backside! I quickly ran in and called the ambulance. He was clearly in pain, but I couldn’t help but laugh!”

He was rushed to hoipital and surgeons had to perform an emergency operation. Shortly after the operation began, a fight broke out between two men who were arguing whether the veg inside the pasty was
called turnip or swede!

Recovering in hospital, Nigel told Cornish News, “I’m on the mend and won’t be doing that again!”

Steve Heller – Cornish News


Pasty Drive-Thru spotted on the Moon!

Pasty Drive Thru

Astronomers were shocked this week, after spotting a pasty drive-thru on the Moon!

It was originally thought there was only one of it’s kind. Now it appears there are two: one in Pool, Redruth and the other on the Moon!

Amateur Astronomer from Pengegon, Malcolm Penrose, spotted the extraterrestrial pasty shop last Tuesday, whilst star gazing in his garden shed, he said “It was a lovely clear night and I had me telescope in me hand. I’d drunk me usual three litres of Frosty Jacks Cider and felt a bit light headed. Looking through me telescope, I noticed something strange on a flat section of the moon’s surface. As I looked closer, I could see a bright light. I zoomed in as far as possible and the light was coming from a hatch attached to a small building. I thought, I must be hammered here, there’s no buildings on the Moon! So I got Susan, my misses in and she had a look!”

Susan confirmed there was a building on the moon and believed it to be a pasty drive-thru, she said “Malcolm came running into the front room panicking, I wasn’t happy because Eastenders was on. I told him it better be important because nobody interrupts me when I’m watching my soaps! I couldn’t believe it when I saw it. It was definitely a pasty shop drive-thru, I just know it! I mean, what else could it have been? There’s no way it would be Mc Donalds or anything, there’s loads of them down here, so why would they build one on the moon? Definitely a pasty shop! I really think it’s a Prima Bakery or something like that. I think they’re keeping it quiet at the moment, ready for when they start doing that space tourism thing!”

Expert David Mitchell, from Falmouth is still waiting to confirm the building, he said, “If you have a good enough telescope, you should be able to see the light coming off the serving hatch on the moon! If it is a pasty shop, there’s going to be a lot of people wanting to try them out, I can see it being very busy up there!”

Steve Heller – Cornish News

NO SHIT!! It’ll be the Hottest winter for 50 YEARS set to bring MONTHS of Heatwaves to the UK

Stock up on Lynx Africa because you're going to get sweaty

Stock up on Lynx Africa because you’re going to get sweaty

BRITAIN is facing the most boiling winter in more than 50 years with months of heatwaves and sunshine! Roasting temperatures and violent heatwaves could hit as soon as late October as a freak ocean heat in the Atlantic threatens to trigger a historic, nationwide summer winter.

Emergency services have been warned to prepare for a repeat of the devastating 1962/63 summer winter which saw rivers and lakes dry up  across Britain.

The shock warnings have also sparked fears Britain could face fuel and food shortages as the ocean dries up. Meteorologists and oceanographers warn this could be the hottest weather ever!

Summer winter expert Dave Johns said “I advise you to go out and buy as much deodorant as possible because you’ll be sweating a lot! Lynx Africa is a good one, better than Brut!