In regards to “MAN WHO HAS NEVER HAD A JOB” published 25th October


On 25th October the Cornish News published a story about a 53 year old man from Camborne.

We claimed he had celebrated after getting his first ever job.

We would like to apologise to our readers and the man, as this story was not accurate.

We would like to make it clear that the man, who claims to be “Living the Cornish Dream” is, in fact, still on the dole and only went to the job interview so the social would not stop his money.

We have removed the article and are very, very sorry.

We hope this doesn’t ruin the man’s image.

Cornish News


Camborne has been chosen to trial the first ever “Selfie Friendly” Public toilets. A number of Internet users requested the unusual facilities, as they say the best place to take a Selfie is in the loo!

The new Studio toilet facilities will be located at the closed Gurney Lane toilets in Camborne, just off the square.

A spokesman for the project said “due to vandalism the toilets are in a right state, but once they are upgraded they will be best toilets in the UK. I can’t wait to upload a picture to Facebook. I reckon I’ll beat my current best of fifteen likes, which I got when I uploaded a picture of my dog wearing a Santa hat.”

It will be easy to tell which public toilets have the upgrade, as they will have a picture of a stick man or woman taking a selfie on sign. In order to keep the toilets as practical as possible, they will convert the old condom machines into a photo editing terminal. The idea is that the user will take a selfie, then upload the image to the terminal via Bluetooth.

Nadine Edwards demonstrating how a toilet Selfie currently looks!

Nadine Edwards demonstrating how a toilet Selfie currently looks!

They will then be able to edit the photo, before posting it online. It even has functions to cut out the photo background and place the person in a different setting. So instead of the background showing graffiti and a toilet bowl, it would actually look like the person has taken the photo on the beach, on stage at a festival, or even at the X-Factor finals!

Nadine Edwards said “this is a fantastic idea! I spend hours getting ready to go out, then when I get to the loo, it’s sometimes a bit dark in there, or random people will be in the shot. Now, I can just snap away and no one will know I’ve even been, I can’t wait to try it out!”

Nadine at the X-Factor Finals, edited using the photo terminal inside the  toilet, which was once a condom machine.

Users can change image background. Nadine at the X-Factor Finals!

The “Selfie Friendly Toilets” will be ready by the beginning of next year, costing £1 to edit 3 photos and for an extra fee you can print postcards, mugs and Keyrings!


Pasties are no doubt the food of the Cornish Nation; With over 130 million being produced every year, totalling 300 million pounds! Shop Pasties are the perfect takeaway and can be eaten out the bag, whilst enjoying the beautiful scenery of Cornwall. They can also be eaten when driving, with the driver often displaying a car sticker saying, “NO HAND SIGNALS; I’M EATING A PASTY” although this takes a lot skill and is not recommended, as you’ll be lagged in crumbs by the time you arrive at your destination.

Shop Pasties are good, but people say homemade Pasties are better! Whether they are baked  by  mother, gran, or if you are lucky; your partner, you can’t beat it. Baking a Pasty goes beyond making someone a meal, it’s a way people show their affection, it’s a magical, romantic experience. When you walk into a room and smell your Pasty baking in the oven, that’s love in the air. It brings joy and most of all it’s what makes Cornwall; Proper Cornish.

And while the basis of making a Proper Cornish Pasty is taken very seriously, there is also another element we often don’t think of, how we eat it?

Some people say, “you should never have sauce with a good Pasty” you might be thinking “so what?” however, Just think; if you didn’t follow this rule, it could be the beginning of something terrible! One minute you’re living the dream; tucking into your plate hanger, the next minute you’re on the Jeremy Kyle show, arguing about all sorts of family problems, all originating from accidentally putting a bit of Daddies on your dinner, now that’s living the nightmare!

Pasty maker Ann Muller from the famous “Ann’s Pasties” situated in the Lizard, said, “you eat a Pasty from end to end or corner to corner! If the crimp is a bit fat, break off that bit to get into ‘un. Our Family always drank sweet tea after our Pasty, that was the only time we had sugar in our tea”

Ann Muller from Ann's Pasties

Ann Muller from Ann’s Pasties

Ann’s Pasty making skills have been passed down through the generations. She opened the first dedicated Pasty shop in Porthleven with here mum, Hettie Merrick, 30 years ago called “An Gegyn” which is Cornish for “the kitchen.” Her mum also wrote, “the Pasty Book.” Ann’s Pasties are possibly the closest you will get to a homemade Pasty, and being top-crimped makes them lighter, also known as having a good “Pastry to Innards Ratio”

Pasty Politics have been circling Cornwall since the begging of time, but whether you eat yours with a “cup tay” or a “drop sauce” the most important factor of all, is that the person eating the Pasty, makes the experience as pleasurable as possible.


from left DJ's Air1ess and  Brady performing at Wolf Fleece Party

from left DJ’s Air1ess and Brady performing at Wolf Fleece Party

A weekend market in Redruth has led the way in the latest fashion of Wolf and Animal print fleeces. Pool Market has been selling the jackets for over 10 years, and now animal print is all the rage.

Jacket owner Jamie Lessiter AKA DJ Air1ess is delighted that his “Lone Wolf” Jacket is now the in thing, he said, “People use to laugh at me in my Jacket, but they’re not laughing now; they’re wearing them! It all began with a few designs; there was a Red Jacket with Puppies and paw prints on it, next there’s the cute blue Dolphin Jacket, the Indian dream catcher was a beauty too, not forgetting the Wolf Jacket of course, that is where it all started! It’s amazing how the designs have evolved over the years. I saw one with Penguins on the other day, sheep and even a mash-up of the Lone Wolf WEARING the Indian head piece! Whoever came up with these designs are a genius! I wear mine everywhere I go and in the summer, when it’s really really hot, I just roll the sleeves up! We’ve even had Wolf Fleece Parties!”

It’s thought the new fashion of animal print items; from Jackets to car seat covers originated from Pool Market. The Jackets have caused quite a stir online too, with various fan pages like “International Wolf Fleece Spotters Organisation ( I.w.f.s.o)”, “the wolf fleece police” and “you’ve been fleeced” where people sneakily take photos of strangers wearing them in public. Celebrities are also part of the huge craze with Pop Star Katy Perry even writing a song called Roar, which features her wearing a Tiger Jacket on the record cover!

Katy Perry wrote a song about animal print jackets...

Katy Perry wrote a song about animal print jackets…

Animal print items once considered an item for your granny, are now worldwide, worn by everyone and show no sign of slowing down. If you would like to experience the homeland of this phenomenon, Pool Market is situated in Pool, which is in between Camborne and Redruth and is open every Satuday and Sunday.

Here are some more pics of people loving their jackets…….

Nadine Edwards all Fleeced up!

Nadine Edwards all Fleeced up!

Jamie AKA DJ Air1ess DJ'ing at a Wolf Fleece Party.

Jamie AKA DJ Air1ess DJ’ing at a Wolf Fleece Party.

you've been fleeced wolves

DJ Air1ess performing at a Wolf Fleece Party

DJ Air1ess performing at a Wolf Fleece Party

from left DJ's Air1ess and  Brady performing at Wolf Fleece Party

from left DJ’s Air1ess and Brady performing at Wolf Fleece Party

Cornish people wearing animal print fleeces.

Cornish people wearing animal print fleeces.

adam rowe puppies

More beauties..

More beauties..

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Stole food from Seagull..

George Bennets had spent all his money on Frosty Jacks Cider….


George Bennets of St. Ives was in court last week for harassing and stealing food from a seagull.

When the Police arrived at St. Ives Harbour, they saw Bennets tugging on a Sandwich, which was being held by a Seagull. The Police said, “when we arrested him, he said he had spent all his money on Frosty Jacks cider and was so hungry he had no choice.” He was taken away and given bail until his court appearance.

Pleading guilty to harassment of a protected animal, he defended his actions by saying, “I was starving, those bloody Seagulls have got it easy! Just nicking off everyone who walks by; they don’t even pay any taxes, rent, what is this world coming to, I’m the victim here, and it should be that bastard Seagull answering to this, not me?” The judge had to call order, as the public gallery erupted with laughter, and people were making Seagull noises. It all came to a halt when someone threw a ham and cheese sandwich which hit Bennets in the head, and he broke down in tears.
The Judge dropped the charge and said Bennets had already been punished enough, as he has now become a well-known name in Cornwall and when he walks the street, people call him Robin.


A bird expert who didn’t want to be named said, “Seagulls will steal anyone’s food, and sadly they know they are protected, so they just swan about like they own the place! Hopefully one day, they will not be protected, and I’ve been saving up a special stick, with a bleddy great nail in it; I’ll give them sandwich!”

The expert advised that you should avoid feeding the Seagulls, even if you are on holiday, and as they are a protected animal you shouldn’t harass them in any way, as you could find yourself in court, or even worse; jail!


A Redruth man was walking his dog along Portreath Cliffs on Friday when he saw a big round shape sticking out of a sewage pipe. He went down to investigate and found that it was a giant turtle’s head poking out the sewer! He managed to get a quick photo before it shot back inside.

David Dungger of Number 2 Brown Lane – Redruth was amazed to see the turtle’s head, he said, “I was walking along the cliff, just past the nudist beach, when I looked down towards sewage point. I saw a gigantic round object poking from the sewer. I quickly got my phone from my pocket and scrambled down the cliff. I couldn’t believe it when I saw a giant Turtle’s head poking out the hole. When I got home, I had a look on Google, and it turns out you can get Logger Head Turtles down here this time of year, as they migrate into warmer waters for the winter! It was funny really; the bugger kept poking his head in and out the hole; making it tricky for me to take a picture! I think there was a lot of built-up gas from the sewer as every now and then you could hear a high-pitched sound of gas escaping from the hole, similar to the noise a deflating balloon makes! It was a hell of a smelly down there as well, as it’s the main sewage outlet for Redruth!”

We spoke to a local marine biologist who says it’s very rare to get a turtle’s head poking out of the pipe like that, but it does happen! Often the Turtle’s head will poke in and out the hole because it is too scared to dive into to the water, but when it finally let’s go; it shoots out like a rocket, releasing all the built-up waste behind it!

Professor Lillicrap says if anyone experiences this rare occurrence of “turtle head” they should follow through and call the Marine Biology Centre in Skinners Bottom Redruth, who will come down and de-lodge the turtle from the pipe, although sometimes the only way to flush them out is by reaching in and breaking it’s neck!

Rare occurrence of "Turtle Head" sticking out of pipe.

Rare occurrence of “Turtle Head” sticking out of pipe.

Camborne say’s it won’t be beaten by Paris Christmas Tree!

Cambornes new Christmas Tree will bring a huge relief to the town!


People and Businesses in Camborne are getting ready to host the town’s best Christmas ever. They’ve even bought a new tree, similar to the  inflatable tree in Paris.

After last years tree received several complaints, the town decided enough was enough and bought a new tree which they hope will bring huge relief to many people!

Richard Hardwell of Fore street said, “Last years tree didn’t really do it for  people. I was watching the telly when I saw an inflatable tree and thought, that’s what we need! So I looked online and managed to get a new one! Ours is better than Paris though, it’s some tree mind, a beautiful shape, I showed it to the misses and she loves it”

Christmas organisers said the rotating, waterproof, plastic tree will be raised in December and the most amazing thing of all, is that  it runs on two AA Batteries!

A huge, green, inflatable sculpture on a famous Paris square which has inspired new tree in Camborne.