Camborne say’s it won’t be beaten by Paris Christmas Tree!

Cambornes new Christmas Tree will bring a huge relief to the town!


People and Businesses in Camborne are getting ready to host the town’s best Christmas ever. They’ve even bought a new tree, similar to the  inflatable tree in Paris.

After last years tree received several complaints, the town decided enough was enough and bought a new tree which they hope will bring huge relief to many people!

Richard Hardwell of Fore street said, “Last years tree didn’t really do it for  people. I was watching the telly when I saw an inflatable tree and thought, that’s what we need! So I looked online and managed to get a new one! Ours is better than Paris though, it’s some tree mind, a beautiful shape, I showed it to the misses and she loves it”

Christmas organisers said the rotating, waterproof, plastic tree will be raised in December and the most amazing thing of all, is that  it runs on two AA Batteries!

A huge, green, inflatable sculpture on a famous Paris square which has inspired new tree in Camborne.