Stole food from Seagull..

George Bennets had spent all his money on Frosty Jacks Cider….


George Bennets of St. Ives was in court last week for harassing and stealing food from a seagull.

When the Police arrived at St. Ives Harbour, they saw Bennets tugging on a Sandwich, which was being held by a Seagull. The Police said, “when we arrested him, he said he had spent all his money on Frosty Jacks cider and was so hungry he had no choice.” He was taken away and given bail until his court appearance.

Pleading guilty to harassment of a protected animal, he defended his actions by saying, “I was starving, those bloody Seagulls have got it easy! Just nicking off everyone who walks by; they don’t even pay any taxes, rent, what is this world coming to, I’m the victim here, and it should be that bastard Seagull answering to this, not me?” The judge had to call order, as the public gallery erupted with laughter, and people were making Seagull noises. It all came to a halt when someone threw a ham and cheese sandwich which hit Bennets in the head, and he broke down in tears.
The Judge dropped the charge and said Bennets had already been punished enough, as he has now become a well-known name in Cornwall and when he walks the street, people call him Robin.


A bird expert who didn’t want to be named said, “Seagulls will steal anyone’s food, and sadly they know they are protected, so they just swan about like they own the place! Hopefully one day, they will not be protected, and I’ve been saving up a special stick, with a bleddy great nail in it; I’ll give them sandwich!”

The expert advised that you should avoid feeding the Seagulls, even if you are on holiday, and as they are a protected animal you shouldn’t harass them in any way, as you could find yourself in court, or even worse; jail!


  1. Can someone please tell me were the seagull makes his sandwich I would like to see it!
    This policeman needs to get a life, guess it was far easier to arrest this boy than fine a real criminal.

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  2. John- you’ve been hoaxed. In your eagerness to slag off the police you’ve made yourself look daft!

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  3. Surly the seagull is handling stolen good’s!


  4. Seagulls, coming over ‘ere – nicking our food…


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