Camborne has been chosen to trial the first ever “Selfie Friendly” Public toilets. A number of Internet users requested the unusual facilities, as they say the best place to take a Selfie is in the loo!

The new Studio toilet facilities will be located at the closed Gurney Lane toilets in Camborne, just off the square.

A spokesman for the project said “due to vandalism the toilets are in a right state, but once they are upgraded they will be best toilets in the UK. I can’t wait to upload a picture to Facebook. I reckon I’ll beat my current best of fifteen likes, which I got when I uploaded a picture of my dog wearing a Santa hat.”

It will be easy to tell which public toilets have the upgrade, as they will have a picture of a stick man or woman taking a selfie on sign. In order to keep the toilets as practical as possible, they will convert the old condom machines into a photo editing terminal. The idea is that the user will take a selfie, then upload the image to the terminal via Bluetooth.

Nadine Edwards demonstrating how a toilet Selfie currently looks!

Nadine Edwards demonstrating how a toilet Selfie currently looks!

They will then be able to edit the photo, before posting it online. It even has functions to cut out the photo background and place the person in a different setting. So instead of the background showing graffiti and a toilet bowl, it would actually look like the person has taken the photo on the beach, on stage at a festival, or even at the X-Factor finals!

Nadine Edwards said “this is a fantastic idea! I spend hours getting ready to go out, then when I get to the loo, it’s sometimes a bit dark in there, or random people will be in the shot. Now, I can just snap away and no one will know I’ve even been, I can’t wait to try it out!”

Nadine at the X-Factor Finals, edited using the photo terminal inside the  toilet, which was once a condom machine.

Users can change image background. Nadine at the X-Factor Finals!

The “Selfie Friendly Toilets” will be ready by the beginning of next year, costing £1 to edit 3 photos and for an extra fee you can print postcards, mugs and Keyrings!



  1. Another waste of tax payers money in Camborne

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  2. Now we can see the inbred pasty munchers in full 1080p 😀

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    • What right do you have to call the cornish inbred pasty munchers!!????? Disgusting

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    • Cornish people are now protected by the European Framework for Naional Minorities which makes it an offence to make derogatory remarks and discriminatory comments against a national minority such as the Cornish. You are obviously thick as a plank of wood and if anybody is inbred it is clearly you , you small minded moron. Perhaps if you have any form of intelligence you might consider removing your unlawful statement teat.

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  3. And while you’re standing outside desperate for a wee, some idiot is inside editing his selfies! Hmmm……..

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  4. enough already happens in the Camborne public toilets, without adding this ‘feature’

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