From Left; Dave Ferguson and Dan Richardson.

From Left; Dave Ferguson and Dan Richardson.

Two Camborne men won a Halloween fancy dress competition last weekend, when they both dressed up as sanitary towels. Dave Ferguson and Dan Richardson were very surprised when club goers voted them winners. Dan said “We certainly didn’t expect to win! To be fair we expected someone to get a bit funny about it, but everyone seemed to take it in good fun. The costumes were made by my mum and she wasn’t very happy about doing it. Mother drew the line at decorating them though, we had to do that ourselves!”

Dave and Dan in their winning costumes

Dave and Dan in their winning costumes

The Zone Nightclub, Redruth is one of Cornwalls longest running Nightclubs and is known for it’s themed nights and competitions. Club Manager Dave Bailey said; “the competition had a great turnout and almost all of the five hundred Clubbers were in fancy dress. The final consisted of the Marshmallow Man from the Ghostbusters, the Bride of Frankenstein; where a lady customised her wedding dress and the two guys dressed as Sanitary Towels.

When the finalists were called to the stage; Sanitary Towel Dan had to go on stage alone, as Dave was outside having a smoke.

The crowd were the judges and the DJ asked for them to cheer for their favourite costume. He then individually introduced the finalists. The Marshmallow Man and the Bride of Frankenstein both received a small cheer.

Dan was the last person to be judged, but before the DJ announced the last costume, he turned to the crowd and said “are you going to be a bunch of sick fu##s?” He then asked the crowd if they liked Dan’s costume, which was a six foot sanitary towel. The whole club erupted with one loud cheer, making Dan the winner. DJ Gary Roberts then waited for the room to fall silent, before turning to the crowd and shouting “you bunch of sick fu##s!” which got another big cheer!

The winners received seventy pounds in drinks vouchers to spend at the club.

Dan and Dave were delighted with their prize, Dan said “we often mess around and dress up for a laugh, this was a gamble, but it paid off! We might spend our prize money on Bloody Mary’s or something.”

Playing Pool in the Spice of Life Pub, next to the Zone.

Playing Pool in the Spice of Life Pub, next to the Zone.

The Zone Nightclub runs weekly drinks and entry promotions and will advertise their next themed night close to Christmas. It hosts a VIP area which is free to book for people celebrating their Birthday . VIP guests can choose some of the clubs music for the evening and the group will receive a free bottle of bubbly. The club is open throughout the year; every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 10pm onwards.


  1. Steve Hole, you are a genius humorist. One of very few in the world. If you wish to hone your skills, there is almost nobody who can help you. However, you might read the leading US humorists. This are Andy Borowitz and Dave Barry. Borowitz is in The New Yorker magazine. Among writers, this magazine is God, no less. Dave Barry is a syndicated newspaper columnist, but now that newspapers are dying, I’m not sure what he is doing. In an earlier time, the genius humorists were Mike Royko and Art Buchwald.


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