Christmas Tree on Portreath Beach Cornwall.

Christmas Tree on Portreath Beach Cornwall.

Forecasters said that the summer will return in the next few weeks; with a heatwave hitting the UK on Christmas Day, with the hottest area being Cornwall.

The hottest day recorded this year was 94F and could be smashed on Christmas Day, when a new batch of hot air rises from the southern hemisphere to the South-West and settling in Scotland .

Rex Winters of the Pool Weather Centre in Cornwall said “Well, there is a chance that it will be cold and raining like it always is on Christmas. But my brother Dave reckons we’re due a Heatwave, because we haven’t had one for ages! I looked at the barometer and it only predicts the weather for the next couple of days; which is cold and wet. But we’re pretty sure it’ll be a heatwave on Christmas Day. Dave’s pretty good at these things, I think he’s a bit psychic you know; last week he picked the winning lottery numbers and won ten pounds!”

Not everyone is sure there will be a heatwave on Christmas. London’s weather expert, Jill Frost said “Dave and Rex are off their tits if they think it’ll be hot on Christmas. It’s forecasted to be miserable as usual. The UK will see a few days of snow which will bring the whole of the UK to a stand still, followed by half of Britain posting photos of the snow on Facebook and the other half moaning about the photos”

This year has seen some very unpredictable weather. Earlier in the year the coastline took a beating, with the worst storms in twenty years. If Dave and Rex are right; the heatwave will go down in history as the hottest Christmas ever.

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