Resident in Cornwall arrested after tornado insurance fraud.

The garden was just messy!

The garden was just messy!

A Tornado hit a small village in Cornwall yesterday, which caused damage to houses in Illogan, Redruth – Cornwall.

A few hours later, after hearing the news, James Tidy of Fore Street Pool, who lives a mile away from the incident, made a house insurance claim – saying his garden was hit by the Tornado.

Police became suspicious when they saw that the garden was in fact just a complete mess.They said it was “just full of crap” with objects strewn about the place. Some items included; old tube televisions , video recorders, push bike frames, shitty nappies and pissy mattresses!!

Steve Smith – neighbour of James said “the police knocked on my door and asked if we had any damage from the tornado last night? So I took them into my back garden and it was perfectly fine! They asked if I had witnessed the tornado ripping through James back garden. I burst out laughing and said “what, that messy bastard? He’s trying to pull a fast one! His garden has been a shit pit since he moved in! Tornado’s don’t grow brambles and weeds like that and if you think that’s bad – you should see his misses.”

James was later arrested and released on bail. The Police believe James was hoping to claim the insurance, so someone would clean up his garden.

James was unavailable for comment and sadly his misses was too scary to be approached…

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