Is the Policeman spotted dancing at an Illegal rave from the Isles of Scilly Police?

A video has emerged showing a Policeman at an illegal rave dancing to the Kaiser Chiefs – I Predict A Riot. 

Could this be the Isles of Scilly Police?

Could this be the Isles of Scilly Police?

A source who does not want to be named, believes the Officer is a member of the Isles of Scilly Police Department. The source said “I think it’s the Isles of Scilly Police, this is the sort of thing they would do!”

The Isles of Scilly Police recently shot to fame when they appealed for help solving a shed break in on the island, where the culprit left a fried egg at the scene. The appeal went viral and appeared on various internet sites, including the ITV News web site. 13,000 Facebook followers also tried to solve the crime, but most of them just left egg jokes in the comments box.

It’s not confirmed whether the tape is genuine, although with over 2000 people living on the islands it’s possible they could hold a Rave if they wanted to.

When the Cornish News contacted the department and asked if they were responsible for the Raving Officer, they replied “No comment!”

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