A man has been given the first ever Facebook Brain Implant.

Comes with free surgeon equipment to perform the operation at home.

Comes with free surgeon equipment to perform the operation at home.

The whole world was celebrating today after a man from the U.K. was given a Facebook Brain Implant, known as the F.B.I.

A small chip with WiFi connection was inserted into the man’s brain. Mark Stevens, who volunteered for the operation said “I was a bit worried about it, they said I might die! I only took on the experiment as I’ve been unemployed for two years and the social told me to get a job, or I’ll lose my money! The operation didn’t take long, but I forgot my bleddy login details didn’t I. We got it running after a while and it’s amazing. I will never have to look at my phone or computer again. I can see the timeline in my right eye! Every time I get a notification I get a nice feeling all through my body! The only problem is, everyone keeps sending me game requests, it’s driving me insane!”

It is thought that the new implants will be very popular when they are released! David, head of the F.B.I. team said “The new implant will give people the ability to actually live in the digital world! They could even spend the rest of their lives locked in a room and still feel like they are socialising! What’s more, the implant comes with a camera that takes photos from your eyes, so if you want to take a selfie, all you have to do, is look in the mirror!

The F.B.I. will be on sale by the summer. It will come with a surgeon kit to perform the operation at home, for free.

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