Russian Bombers were frightened off after hearing Laurence Reed on the radio.

Russian Bomber

Russian Bomber

Two Russian Bombers who were spotted off the coast of Cornwall this week were said to been scared off after hearing Laurence Reed on the Radio.

Russian translator who intercepted the Russian planes said “I was listening into the planes and they were talking to their control room. All of a sudden I heard them switching the radio over, in the background, I could hear Laurence Reed in the Afternoon. Laurence was shouting “I’m just fed up with the state of parking in Redruth, something has to be done!” Then one of the Russian pilots, sounding really scared, said “what the hell was that?” the other pilot replied “I think it’s the Cornish leader, he sounds very angry.” The pilot then sent a message to his control room, he said “We have just heard a message from the Cornish leader and he is extremely angry! We are heading back to safety!” The planes were escorted away from the Duchy. It is unclear what the Russian Bombers wanted and it is very unusual to get visitors this time of year, although everyone is welcome into Cornwall . We hope they realise that the message heard on the radio was just the well known radio talk show host Laurence Reed!

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