UFO spotted in Redruth.

Picture taken by Cilla Manilla, Radnor.

Picture taken by Cilla Manilla, Radnor.

A UFO was spotted in Radnor near Redruth today. Many witnesses saw the white object and thought it may have landed in fields behind the Wheal Peevor Mine site.

Eye Witness Cilla Manilla from Radnor, took the photo on her phone said “I was out doing horses. Jane and Phil from down the road we’re walking in their field opposite. Then they came running into my yard shouting “Did you see that?! Did you see that?!” They then ran back down the road to see if it had landed. When they got to the field, there was just a lot of smoke.”

UFO sightings have been on the rise recently. Only two weeks ago, another UFO was spotted in Camborne. Experts believe they are visiting the area after spotting the road sign near Mc. Donald’s that said “Pool Is The Future.” UFO enthusiast Edward Truscott said “I think the UFO is a space ship and they are curious, just like everyone else in Cornwall. They want to find out what “Pool Is The Future” really means, because at the moment, the future has just been traffic jams and road works!”

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