Britains biggest Used Cars Salesman Nigel Farage visited Cornwall yesterday.

Nigel - Can anyone name what's behind me in this picture? Reply "The sea?"

Nigel – Can anyone name what’s behind me in this picture? Reply “The sea?”

Britains most controversial used car salesman Nigel Farage visited Cornwall yesterday. It is thought he visited various garages in the west of Cornwall to give tips on how to sell second hand motors!

He was first spotted by Cornish News fan, Aphra Perring in the afternoon saying he was in the Rumons Club in Redruth. We think he was probably having a few beers before he headed off to M.Y. Motors at the top of town, to talk about their amazing car rental service. He was later spotted at various lay-by’s in Camborne and Redruth, where cars are often put up for sale by the public, including Avers roundabout and that house up on Redruth Highway that’s always got cars for sale in their driveway! At one point he was seen kicking the tire of a mark two Fiesta up by Smokey Joes, before finally finishing off at the best car garage in the area – Dolcoath Motors.

Before heading off back home – up Country, he took a picture of himself in front of St. Michaels Mount and asked his followers “Can anyone name what’s behind me in this picture?”

Which with no surprise most people (from up Country) replied “The sea!”

It is thought that Nigels visit to the Duchy was to encourage people to vote for him, so he could be the new presenter on Top Gear! Like all visitors, he received a warm welcome into the Duchy, as almost everyone in Cornwall thinks the current presenter Jeremey Clarkson is a complete bellend and would love to see him sacked!

It is not sure if Nigel will be back, but Cornish News wishes him all the best in becoming a Top Gear presenter.

We hope one day to see him back in Kernow trying out some proper Cornish traditions, like mooching round Hayle Car Boot on a Sunday wearing a banging new Wolf Jacket!

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