A Tree in Camborne catches an S.T.D.

The tree with a nasty rash.

The tree with a nasty rash.

Residents in Camborne complained this week after their favourite tree was cut down.

The tree, situated near the Rugby Ground is thought to have mysteriously caught Syphilis. Tree surgeons were completely baffled as to how it caught the infection – usually passed on by humans.

Tree Surgeon Paul Markus said “We had a call from a  member of the public who said a tree in the park had a funny rash! We took a sample of the bark and sent it off to the lab, it came back positive for Syphilis! When we returned to the park, we were confronted by a man who said “I love this tree, please don’t hurt it!” to which I replied “Yes mate, I think loving the tree is why it’s got a rash!”

After several requests not to be destroyed, the Council decided to save the tree. It will now be used as the slippery pole on the next Harbour Fun Day!

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