Zone Nightclub turns toilet condom machine into a pasty dispenser.

Pasties sold out on the first night.

Pasties sold out on the first night.

A Redruth Nightclub has turned their condom machine into a Pasty dispenser.

Nightclub manager Dave came up with the clever idea after having a pasty for dinner at the club. He said “I got the idea whilst I was taking a pee and eating my large steak! I thought, we could take out the condoms and have pasties in there! The thing is, since the club opened in the early nineties we’ve never sold a single condom from that machine! I don’t think people in Redruth use them! Everyone loves pasties though, that’s for sure!”

Later that day Dave filled the machine with pasties. He said “I was a bit worried about hygiene. I could imagine someone moaning about it, they’re a bunch of killjoys sometimes. The first night we bleddy sold out, I couldn’t believe it! We did have a problem though. There was gravy dripping out the bottom of the machine, so I got a little drip tray on the floor to catch the juice. We give the juice away for free though, bleddy hell – i’m not tight or anything!”

Zone Club which is situated behind Redruth Tescos and open Thursdays, Friday and Saturday will be selling the pasties from both the male and female toilets and they are hoping to add sausage rolls and quiches within the next few weeks!

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