New findings show Men-An-Tol stone was used to turn people into Cornish.

Elvis lookalike Anthony Dunstan was from the USA but is now Cornish.

Elvis lookalike Anthony Dunstan was from the USA but is now Cornish.

An ancient scroll has been found at the Hayle Car boot sale. The Scroll, which is written in the Cornish and English say’s “Anyone who settles on the land of Cornwall may become Cornish if they pass through the stone ten times.”

Anthony Dunstan, originally from Tennessee moved to Cornwall in the nineties. He found the scroll when he moved into his new house. He visited Men-An-Tol where he followed the instructions and is now 100% Cornish!

Anthony, who is an Elvis lookalike said “I had just moved to Cornwall from the states, back in 1990. I was moving into my new house in Penzance when I found the scroll! I thought I would give it a try! I must say, after going through the stone, I did feel Cornish. I got a bit of the accent and when I first walked into a pub, a fellow Cornishman actually bought me a drink! It was crazy!”

After Anthony “Became Cornish” back in the 90’s, he then hid the scroll back in the wall and moved to Redruth.

The scroll was found last week in Hayle Car Boot Sale, where a man in a grubby old brown leather jacket, smoking a rollup, sold it to a local historian who then contacted the Cornish News!

The historian believes it’s a legitimate artifact, he said “It’s quite simple, if you are not Cornish and you would like to be Cornish, you just go through the stone ten times. Then, you will automatically become Cornish! Beware though, if you’ve been eating all the pasties you may want to diet first. The last thing you want is to get stuck in a small granite ring in the middle of a field!”

You can follow Anthony here

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