BREAKING NEWS! North Crofty Mine in Camborne finds one million pounds worth of gold!

goldAmateur miners have struck gold in Camborne at the North Crofty Mine. North Crofty is one of the smallest mines in the area and is owned by April Trevaskis and friend Mark Foolstock. They bought the mine back in 1999 for ten pounds after the original owner thought the mine was empty.

The gold was found at around 6am this morning when April and Mark were on their routine dig, before going to work at a nearby bacon factory in Pool. April said “We normally go to the mine for an hour before work and have never found anything! This morning I was walking along and tripped on, what I thought was a large rock. When I looked round the rock was so shiny and yellow! Jokingly, I said to Mark “That’s gold!” and started laughing! Mark replied “It is gold!” I thought Mark was playing along with the joke! Then we both stood there looking and realised, it was gold!”

The two miners then carried the huge lump of gold and loaded it into their car, Mark said “We didn’t know what to do as I’ve never owned any gold, so we agreed the best place to take it would be Cash Converters in Redruth, as they deal with stuff like that all the time! The guy behind the counter passed out when he saw it! We didn’t sell it to them in the end because they tried to buy the gold off us in exchange for an old DJ Mixer, a Shark Attack Body Board and £50! We knew it was worth more than that. So we took it home and weighed it. At today’s value, it’s worth over a million pounds! It’s crazy!”

April and Mark have said their new fortune will not change them. They continue to work packing bacon, in a fridge, at a local factory for fourteen hours a day, six days a week for minimum wage and both continue to live, sharing a bedsit in Tuckingmill.

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