A Supermarket code that gives customers 90% off shopping has been leaked.

A reduction label.

A reduction label.

An ex supermarket manager has leaked a secret code which gives customers a 90% reduction off any item.

Former Supermarket manager Richard Hole said “The code is used when a customer files a complaint and as compensation they are rewarded with any item at 90% off the retail price. The customer is told to choose any product from the shelves and to inform a member of staff immediately with the code “I am Mrs. Jones.” The staff member will then take the item away and reduce the label down by 90%.”

For legal reasons we cannot tell you which leading supermarkets use the code. The only thing we can say is the main Supermarket has a green logo.

Our very own reporter, Nigel Nigelson went to his local supermarket and tried it out, he said “I picked up a bottle of Whiskey and walked up to a man stacking shelves, I said “I am Mrs. Jones.” I was a bit nervous as I thought it wasn’t going to work. The man paused for a second, then took the Whiskey. About a minute later he returned and the bottle had a reduced to clear label on it that said “Was £15 now £1.50.” I couldn’t believe it!”

The code originated from 1974 when a lady called Mrs. Jones phoned her supermarket with a complaint about some grapes she had bought. The store manager apologised and told her to come to the store and tell the staff who she was. She arrived at the store later that day and receive another pack of grapes at a reduced price. The saying has been used ever since, as knowing “the code” is proof enough that they have been awarded a discount.

It is not the first something like this has been leaked. Last year it was revealed that an elderly lady who was dressed as a customer greeter, was in fact a trained martial arts expert, who was employed to protect the store. She was found out when a group of men entered the store and threatened a security guard. She single handedly kicked all the men unconscious wearing just a pair of flip flops.

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