Anarchists have defaced signs on the Treswithian Roundabout in Camborne.

George Eustice

George Eustice

Anarchists have defaced the Conservative Party and Liberal Democrats signs, on the Treswithian Roundabout on the West entrance to Camborne.

Treswithian roundabout

Treswithian roundabout

It is unsure who caused the damage and it is believed the incident happened around Friday night. Grafitti messages included the words “Liars, Blaggers” and a strange message that looks like “Eat the rich.”

Defaced with

Defaced with “Liars”

Other Party signs have also been damaged in the town. Last week a vote UKIP sign had been damaged.

The word

The word “Blaggers”

Eat Rice

Eat the rich

Have any signs been damaged near you? If so, please send the photos and locations to Cornish News via our Facebook page.

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