West End Bakery – Pasty Review Redruth

8/10 a nice well seasoned pasty

8/10 a nice well seasoned pasty

After posting a video about my Pasty experience at West End Bakery, I thought I would write a follow up about the video and the pasty!

If you watched the film, I hope you watched it to the end. At the end, I leave a little write up of the experience… If you missed it, here it is…

West End Bakery Redruth. Large Steak.

Although I moaned and whinged throughout this video, it was overall, an above average pasty!
£2.80 for a large steak, the seasoning was perfect, the meat wasn’t too bad, distributed evenly throughout and not in that gert lump you sometimes get!

The staff were very friendly.

The only issue I had was the pastry. I’m a fan of flaky, but if you are into a thin shortcrust, then this is the pasty for you! Would I buy it again? Bleddy right I would!

8 out of 10.

The film was more of a dig at my friend Sean! Every time I mention pasty, Sean mentions West End Bakery. Like I said in the film, I have never been a fan of West End and the last time I tried one, was about 10 years ago!

They’ve definitely improved and after a day of reflection, I remember the old West End Pasty, use to have diced veg, which has now been replaced with flaked veg! They have also improved on seasoning, and possibly the best “innards” I have tasted!

Sadly, the pastry is not to my taste, but that is only my opinion. Sean loves the West End pasty and when I bought the pasty, the baker was really busy, bagging up loads of pasties, so that speaks for itself!

For me, if they changed their pastry, it could possibly be the best pasty ever. But then perhaps, it wouldn’t be the best for other people! Each to their own, as they say!

One thought on “West End Bakery – Pasty Review Redruth

  1. Just been in Redruth. Bugger! I would have tried one if I’d known. I love trying new ones. Check out Berrymans next time you are in Redruth. They are pretty fab if you can get a hot one.


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