Camborne man injured with a crook neck after watching Carn Brea fire.

Robin took about 20 photos to post on Facebook.

Robin took about 20 photos to post on Facebook.

A man was signed off work today, after getting a crook neck from watching the Carn Brea fire.

Robin Cash, of Pendarves Street, Camborne went to watch the fire after he saw pictures on Facebook, he said “Everyone was posting photos of the fire on Facebook. But we can’t see Carn Brea from Pendarves Street. So I drove up Pool Market car park and watched the fire from there! I got about 20 photos and started uploading them all to Facebook, but my battery ran out! I wanted to post a joke and all! I was going to say “Carn Brea has been left with a big black mark after the fire. Now it matches the big brown mark – Camborne!” But I couldn’t do it. So I just sat there watching the fire! After about 4 hours, I realised I had to get back home because I had work in the morning. As I looked away from the fire, my neck cracked off. It was so painful. I had to drive home with my head all sideways!”

Robin went to the doctors this morning and the doctor signed him off work. Robin said “That’s it, I can’t work now! I’m buggered! I’ve gone on the sick. If there’s ever a fire again, i’m just gonna stay home, sod that!”

It’s not sure if Robin will make a full recovery, but luckily nobody was injured in the actual fire.

But some people think, Robin isn’t injured at all! Neighbour Patricia Hall said “He’s a lazy sod he is! He ain’t hurt his neck! He talks a good job, but there ain’t an ounce of work in him! Once he told me he does the work of 3 men! Work of 3 men? I speck 2 of them are dead and ones dying!”

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