Man found hanging on engine house by his scrotum

barA Camborne man was in hospital last night after an accident left him hanging by his scrotum.

Harry Sack, who lives in Fore Street, Camborne was out walking his dog at the Queen Matilda mine in Camborne, when the accident happened.

Mark Knight who was at the scene, said “I was out taking my Jack Russell, Freddy out for a walk. Freddy is a lovely dog. Had him for 6 years now, since a puppy! We got him off James Jackson from up Mount Ambrose! Knaw him do ‘e? James is some boy, breeds all types of dogs and cats. Can be a bit expensive though, but he done me a favour and I got Freddy for cheap, because I done a bit of work for James a couple of years ago! I fitted his new kitchen for him! Done a lovely job I did. He bought all the materials and I fitted it! Wasn’t bad really, because James brother Michael, who I sometimes play darts with down the Oxford, you MUST know Michael! Tall, about 5ft6 dark hair and talks out the side of his mouth!? Anyway, we were both down James house and Michael asked if I knew how to do plumbing, because his toilet was leaking. Well, I can do all sorts really; plumbing, carpentry, building and a bit of electrical work! So, Michael had me fix his toilet and I made a bit of money from that! Cash in hand of course, but don’t tell anyone! So there you go! Anyway, what the bleddy hell was I going on about? Um… I forgot now! Chroist, what am I like! That’s it… I was walking past the engine house, on Queen Matilda mine and when I looked up, Harry was dangling by his balls!”

When Mark saw Harry, he rushed over and tried to help, Mark added “I rushed over and didn’t really know what to do. Harry was flapping his arms and screaming “Help! Help!” So I shouted “How the hell did you do that!” It was funny really, seeing him panicking like that! I went and got a big stick and I pushed him up in the air, just enough to release his ball bag from the rusty bar that he was stuck to! Harry hit the floor like a sack of spuds!”

Harry was taken by air ambulance to Tuckingmill Hospital where he remains in a stable condition!

It is thought the accident happened when Harry needed a wee and tried to wee off an engine house! It is believed the wind blew him and unfortunately he caught on a rusty metal bar!

Police have issued a warning, they said “Mine sites can be very dangerous!”

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