The pasty tree could soon be extinct.

pasty tree has been spotted in Tehidy Woods

pasty tree has been spotted in Tehidy Woods

The hot weather could spell disaster for Cornwall’s pasty trees this summer.

The heatwave, which is expected to last another 6 weeks could wipe out the last remaining trees, situated near the Lizard.

Patsy Rowe from Helston said, “It’s some bleddy hot at the moment. Our orchard is really suffering! All the large steak are gone now. All we’ve got left are; a few mediums, a chicken and veg and a sausage roll! If they all go, I’m not sure what we’ll do?”

For many years, the trees were the main source of food in Cornwall and miners would pick the fruits on the way to work.

Over the years, bakeries have cashed in on the luscious dish and are slowly wiping the trees out!

Patsy continued, “I blame the bakeries. They tricked everyone into thinking you could only make pasties in a kitchen. This isn’t true and now, we’re all suffering! It’s some sad, I tell e’!”

The last few remaining trees can be found at Patsy’s orchard, near Ann’s Pasty Shop, in the Lizard. The orchard isn’t open to the public, but if nobody is around and you can climb the hedge, you might be able to pinch one for your dinner!

The pasty tree, can also be found growing in the wild and have even been seen in Tehidy Woods.

If you spot one, please contact the Cornish News team via their Facebook page.

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