Trevor invents Pasty Juice energy drink.

Pasty Juice

Pasty Juice “It’s all gravy”

A man from Hayle has invented a new energy drink made from pasties.

Trevor Mathews, of Foundry Square, Hayle has named the drink – Pasty Juice.

Speaking from his garden shed, he said, ” 10 years ago, I was in the Corner to Corner pasty shop and had a pasty that was full of gravy! When I got outside the shop, I saw this teenager drinking a can of that Red Cow energy drink crap and I thought, I knaw, they should make a pasty flavour one!”

After Trevor ate his large steak, he rushed home and set up a pasty laboratory in his shed. He said, “Everyday I would go down shop, get a pasty, then go home to the shed! At first, I started blending the whole pasty, but it didn’t taste right. Eventually, I discovered that if I made a slit in the bottom of the crimp and hung it up, all the gravy would drip out the bottom. For the energy part, I just crushed up 3 pro plus caffeine tablets and heaved them in there! I don’t think it tastes too bad. The misses ain’t too keen though, but  then, she’s a miserable old bag and don’t like anything anyway!”

85 year old Trevor is not sure whether the drinks will go into full production; but thinks it will be very popular with the elderly.

Margret Margretson from Camborne said, “I love Trevors juice! He invited me into his shed. He’s got some space age equipment in there mind and even got a flat screen TV! Anyway, we went in the shed and he showed me his pasty. I got so excited, I got mine out  too! Then we both watched as the gravy dripped out. Then, after, we both sat by the estuary and enjoyed a nice cigarette and a can of Pasty Juice. It really does give you more energy. I had to go bingo the other night and couldn’t stop yapping! It was a bit embarrassing though, as everyone kept telling me to shut my wap! I’ve never felt better though, I love that Pasty Juice!”

Trevor will be keeping the drink local for the time being. He said, “Well, I’ve been talking to Frank on the square and he said, if I can make 10 cans, he will put them for sale in the shop. It takes one pasty to make one can, but tastes bleddy ansome!

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