NO SHIT!! It’ll be the Hottest winter for 50 YEARS set to bring MONTHS of Heatwaves to the UK

Stock up on Lynx Africa because you're going to get sweaty

Stock up on Lynx Africa because you’re going to get sweaty

BRITAIN is facing the most boiling winter in more than 50 years with months of heatwaves and sunshine! Roasting temperatures and violent heatwaves could hit as soon as late October as a freak ocean heat in the Atlantic threatens to trigger a historic, nationwide summer winter.

Emergency services have been warned to prepare for a repeat of the devastating 1962/63 summer winter which saw rivers and lakes dry up  across Britain.

The shock warnings have also sparked fears Britain could face fuel and food shortages as the ocean dries up. Meteorologists and oceanographers warn this could be the hottest weather ever!

Summer winter expert Dave Johns said “I advise you to go out and buy as much deodorant as possible because you’ll be sweating a lot! Lynx Africa is a good one, better than Brut!

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