Man has Cornish Pasty removed from anus.

from ass
A Camborne man was rushed to hospital today to have a Cornish Pasty removed from his anus.

Nigel Truscott, from Pengegon, Camborne is thought to have been performing a strange sex act when the incident happened. His neighbour, Dorean Bunt called the ambulance after spotting Nigel in his back garden, she said “I was doing the dishes when I heard a groaning noise coming from next door. I went outside and saw Nigel lying face down with his trousers round his ankles and the knob end of a pasty sticking out his backside! I quickly ran in and called the ambulance. He was clearly in pain, but I couldn’t help but laugh!”

He was rushed to hoipital and surgeons had to perform an emergency operation. Shortly after the operation began, a fight broke out between two men who were arguing whether the veg inside the pasty was
called turnip or swede!

Recovering in hospital, Nigel told Cornish News, “I’m on the mend and won’t be doing that again!”

Steve Heller – Cornish News


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