Camborne to get Harrods and world’s first Poundland drive thru.

Camborne town is set to become the retail capital of Cornwall when it opens a Harrods and the world’s first Poundland drive thru.


Construction work will begin next month on the old fire station building in College Street, Camborne.

Head of the project, Mark Munday said “Camborne will be the trendiest town in the UK. We’re building the world’s first  Poundland drive thru, then a Harrods and might even get a Nandos! When it’s complete, it will be Cornwall’s answer to London! We were thinking of getting some Boris Bikes for people to hire but changed our minds as they’d probably get nicked.”

Derek Simmons of Cranberry Road, Camborne wasn’t happy about the plans, he said “Poundland drive thru ain’t no good to me, I don’t drive and what do we want a Harrods for, we’ve already got Jim’s Cash and Carry! I think it’s a waste, they should turn the old first station into something we can all use, like an internet cafe!”

It is not certain when the stores will open, after locals in the town demanded that the construction of KFC in Pool was finished before they carried out any more building work in the town.