Man mistakes poo for painted Cornish rock.

A Camborne man was left feeling a bit poorly today, when he mistook poo for a decorated Cornish stone.


Harry Nugget, of Cross Street Camborne, was walking through Pendarves Woods when he discovered the treasure, he said, ” I was out on my usual walk through the woods when I noticed something on the floor. It looked like a brown jagged rock. I got really excited, as I’d heard about a Facebook group that paints rocks and hides them for people to find. I thought, how cool would it be to find a painted rock. When I picked it up, it felt hard. I held it in both hands and examined it. I’ve never seen a real, painted, Cornish rock before and just assumed it was one. After holding it in my hands for a while, I put it in my pocket and sat down to eat my sandwiches. As I started eating, I thought my sandwich smelt off. I put the sandwich back in the bag and started eating some crisps, but I could still smell something bad and my crisps tasted horrible. I looked at my fingers and they were brown! I suddenly realised, the thing in my pocket wasn’t a rock – but poo! I felt so ill!”

Harry hasn’t given up on his treasure hunting and has since found a real rock and hid it in Tehidy Woods, near Camborne.



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