Pasty shop evacuated after man’s smelly fart makes customers ill.

A pasty shop was forced to evacuate its customers today after a man farted and cleared the place.


The incident happened around noon, at Hall’s Pasty Shop in Hayle. Jane Bunt entered the shop, just as the event unfolded, she said “I popped into Halls for a medium steak, there was a large queue and the shop was very hot and stuffy. Suddenly, the lady in front of me made a strange noise, like she’d been hurt. Then it came – the smell! It smelt like boiled cabbage, damp laundry and cats pee, I’ve never smelt anything like it. A big man looking really embarrassed apologised and rushed out the door onto the street. The lady behind the counter looked pale, she shouted “Everyone get out, we need to close the shop.” It was the strangest and dirtiest thing I’ve ever experienced!”

The shop was closed for twenty minutes, with the windows and doors open to clear the smell. It’s unsure who the farter was, but Hall’s Pasty Shop thinks they’ll never see him again!

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