Donald Trump spotted singing karaoke at the White Hart in Camborne


The people of Camborne were treated with a surprise visit from Donald Trump last night when he was spotted singing karaoke in the White Hart pub.

He’s believed to have made a whistle stop tour after visiting his golf course in Scotland. One of his spokesmen said, “Donald discovered Camborne on Twitter, he said it’s his kind of town! He couldn’t wait to go to the White Hart to let his hair down!”

Regular Camborne drinker, Derek Hutchins spotted the American president, he said “Christ, I was outside having a rollie, I looked through the window and couldn’t believe my eyes, bleddy Donald Trump singing on the karaoke, for a moment I thought someone had spiked my drink. He didn’t stay long. He sang Barbie Girl, necked a pint of Rattler and was gone! We all watched as he staggered across the road into USA Chicken and was chatting to some bird! I wish he’d stayed longer, he looks like a right laugh on the piss!”

It’s not certain if he will return to Cornwall, however the people who met him said he seemed to enjoy himself.



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