Black Friday cut short after man gets testicles trapped in Aldi door.

A shopper had an abrupt ending to his Black Friday when his testicles got trapped in a sliding door.

plums copy

Cornishman, Harry Sack was waiting to enter his local Aldi in Lands End Cornwall when the incident happened. Bystander, Shirley Ball was stood behind him at the time, she said “It was quite cramped at the front of the queue, suddenly the door opened slightly, everyone pushed, then it closed again. The man in front of me yelped out really loud and the door opened again and everyone cheered and rushed in. I don’t know what happened to the man because everyone just pushed into the shop, we all wanted to get our hands on Kevin the Carrot, I guess that poor chap was more concerned about his own carrot, I hope he’s alright.

Security guard, David Jones didn’t want to comment on the situation, but ensured us that Harry Sack had made a full recovery and was back shopping within ten minutes.


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