Could Cornwall be getting a Pound Planet?


Is Cornwall about to get an upgrade – with a new Pound Planet store?

Rumours have been circulating the Wagoners pub in Camborne all day.

Our reliable source, Derek Hutchins was first to mention it when he was talking to old bird behind the bar, he said “Ere, I reckon they’re gonna have Pound Planet down here soon! I was right about KFC! I said backlong, in 1972 that Pool would get a KFC, I was right wasn’t I!”

Derek has been right about many things, back in 1998 he said the Zone nightclub was closing. Twenty years later and he was right! He also predicted back in 1995 that Pool Market was closing down, which hasn’t happened yet, but he could be right one day!

Local councillor, Barry Bal-Sak isn’t sure about the new store, he said “Cornwall already has Poundland, Poundstretcher and Home Bargains, how can me and my family go to every single store and look round on a Saturday afternoon, it’s just too much mooching!”

Plans have already begun for the grand opening, with local pianist, Carlo Curly performing his church organ version of Motorhead – Ace Of Spades and Trevor’s Karaoke will be providing a line dance group and candy floss machine.

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