People are calling for the next Lassie the dog to be played by a cat.

The classic TV show Lassie is getting a reboot and people are asking for Lassie to be played by a cat instead of a dog.

lassie - cinema one sheet movie poster (teaser 1).jpg

Lassie is a TV show about a female Rough Collie dog who every episode goes on an adventure helping people in distress.

The show began in the 1940’s, Lassie fan, Max Doberman, said “I have watched every episode of Lassie, I even named my dog Lassie, but times change and in this day and age, I think it’s only fair that Lassie gets played by a cat and not a dog!”

Not everyone is happy, when the news was posted on twitter, there was a backlash when 3 people commented on the tweet, one person wrote “This is getting beyond a joke!”

It’s not sure whether Lassie will be played by a cat, we will find out in the new year.



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