20 mile tailback when two polite tourist drivers offer each other the right of way on A30 junction.


Two drivers were stuck on the A30 yesterday, after offering each other the right of way causing a 20 mile tailback on a junction.

Drivers, Richard Richtwit and Harry Secondhome met on the Boxheater junction along the A30 when the incident happened.

Local witness, Dave from Camborne was stuck in the traffic, he said “They were just sat there, smiling and making hand signals for at least two hours, saying – “No you go!” Then the other one would say, “No you go!” People were beeping their horns and some drivers were hanging out their windows, shouting “Just effing go!!!” It went on for 2 hours, until the bloke in the brand new Mercedes, with a massive box on the roof realised he was actually lost! So he done a u-turn in the middle of the road and went back up the other way! You certainly do get them down here that’s for sure!”

Police are urging motorists to be more considerate towards other road users, as the majority of people in Cornwall are just trying to go about their normal lives and not swanning about the place without a care in the world!

They would also like to remind people of how extremely dangerous it is to perform u-turns in the middle of main roads!

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