Redruth using cash funding to build a wall and keep out Cambornians.

photo-1523811258375-2de136554781Redruth vows to spend government funding on building a wall to keep out the people of Camborne town.

The town was originally granted a share of 69 million pounds to restore the towns historic buildings and regenerate the area, but after a town meeting it was decided that building a wall near Camborne was the best use of the money.

Redruth Town’s project manager – Peter Pard was excited about his decision, he said “We could have spent the money of fixing up some of the historic buildings in the town, but I think it’s about time we kept those lot out, the Cambornians. If you think about it, we’re doing them a favour as well as they probably don’t want us lot in Camborne, so it’s a win win, not that anyone from Redruth would want to go there.”

The wall is planned to stretch from the A30 at Tolvaddon and will end at Piece pub in Carnkie.

Not everyone is happy with the project, Dave Mitchell from Redruth, said “What a waste of money, I’ll have to drive the long way round now to get to Camborne Wetherspoons, or even worst, jump the train!”