Pasties in blankets go on sale in Camborne.


The Pretty Tatties pasty shop in Camborne are selling pasties in blankets this Christmas.

For £6 you will get a medium steak pasty, wrapped in fresh local bacon. They are also selling a vegetarian version which is their vegetable pasty wrapped in bacon, which is also £6.

Owner of the Pretty Tatties pasty shop in Commercial Street Camborne, Adrian Oggyson, said “Every big retailer has gone crazy for pigs in blankets this year! They’re nothing new and I’m not sure what all the fuss is about! In Scotland, you can get battered pigs in blankets and one supermarket is selling a foot long. Has Christmas got that boring that they have to promote everyday items! What’s next? A football sized sprout? I’ve decided to do something original and I think the pasty in blanket will really take off.”

The offer will be run until January the 1st where it will be changed to the keep fit pasty which is a pasty with no pastry, or as some call it – stew.