Is 15 year old Harley the tallest Cornishman?

15 years old and 6ft5 tall with mum Donna

15 years old and 6ft5 tall with mum Donna

Cornish News was contacted this week by Donna from Penzance. She told us about her 15 year old son Harley. Harley is not your average teenager, he stands at 6ft5 and is possibly the tallest Cornishman.

Mum Donna claims his size is all down to being brought up on pasties from an early age, she said “Start em young! 1 yr old and fed on Pasties! He’s a Pastyfarian at heart and has been eating them since he was a baby! Pasties make a louster of a boy! Ansome! Fed on they pasties!”

Eating pasties at 1 years old.

Eating pasties at 1 years old.

Cornish people are known for being short. A famous Cornish comedian, who stands at 6ft3, was once told he couldn’t be Cornish, because he was too tall! There are also a lot of old houses in Cornwall, with low entrances. They can be seen all over the Duchy, including the main street of St. Ives.

Cornish News editor Steve Heller, who stands at a whopping 5ft5, is one of the taller members of his family. He didn’t quite believe Harleys story! Replying to Donnas comment on Facebook, he said “Cornish? Too tall to be Cornish, surely?” Which met a quick reply from Harleys friend, who said “Deffo, still growing. He’s still at school and as Cornish as they come!” His mum also replied “Never too tall to be Cornish! Proper bloodline, over 3 generations on both sides and fed on they pasties, they make em as wide, as they do high!”

Cornish News always believed that the Kernow King was the tallest Cornishman, but after contacting him, on his Australian tour, he confirmed he is 6ft3.

Could Harley be the tallest Cornishman?

If you know a proper Cornish man or woman who is taller, we would love to hear from you! Just contact Steve Heller on the Cornish News Facebook page.

12 year old Harley with Angela who is 5ft4

12 year old Harley with Angela who is 5ft4


Child sues parents after they posted photos of him on Facebook.

A teenager has taken his parents to court after seeing his own baby photos on Facebook. The teenager, who can’t be named for legal reasons, was furious when he realised his parents had posted over two hundred photos of him online with captions like “Aw, so cute” and “I’m so lucky to have such a wonderful baby!”

The judge awarded the teenager a quarter of a million pounds in compensation payable by the parents. The judge said “Looking at the photos it is clear that you have exploited your own child for Facebook likes! It’s disgraceful that you would do this to your own child! What’s next? Sell your granny?”

It is thought that this is just the beginning of a new generation of teenagers taking their parents to court for the same reasons!

Facebook expert George W. Brush said “When someone likes one of your posts on Facebook, it gives the receiver a rush of dopamine to the brain, similar to how drugs work. After a while people can become dependent on Facebook without realising it! Constatnly posting pictures of your child online for Facebook likes is rather worrying and parents should think of the other dangers that are linked to the internet.” His final words on the matter were “Remember, a baby is for life, not just for likes!”