Men dressed as Santa banned from saying ‘ho ho ho’ in case someone gets offended.


The government issued a warning today, refraining anyone dressing as Santa, not to use the term, “Ho ho ho” in case it caused offence.

Chief whip, Harry Balsak made the announcement on national news this morning, he said “With the current climate, we are asking anyone dressing as Santa, not to say “Ho ho ho” as this could be taken the wrong way, as someone might think you are referring to prostitution. Instead, we’re asking Santas to say, “hi hi hi” as this will be more family appropriate!”

After the announcement, people went online to voice their concerns, William Williams posted to Facebook, “First Kleenex remove mansize from their tissues, now people aren’t allowed to say “Ho ho ho” where will it end?”


Camborne Santa caught shoplifting.


A man dressed as Santa was caught shoplifting in Camborne today. Security managed to stop the man when they grabbed him by the sack.

Security guard, Derek Wiseman of the Chocolate Box pound shop captured the thief, he said “I was stood in the shop and suddenly this scruffy looking Santa came through the door carrying a black sack. Apart from the fact he was dressed like Santa, he was looking rather dodgy. He kept looking round to see if anyone was watching before stuffing a load of Lynx Africa into his bag. As he tried to leave the shop, he saw me and started running. I chased him down into the square, where I managed to grab his sack. He tripped and I landed on him. I gripped him and his sack very tightly until the police arrived. That’s the first time I’ve come across a thieving Santa, it was weird!”

The man was later named as 32 year old, Harry Sack, of Fore Street Camborne. He will face trial later this month at Truro Crown Court.