New second hand sex shop in Redruth has had its ups and downs.

Lewis sells second hand adult toys.

Lewis sells second hand adult toys.

A Redruth man has opened a second hand sex shop in the middle of town! Lewis Moon from Redruth opened Gash Convertors just over a month ago after leaving the butcher shop where he worked in Camborne.

The 26 year old said “It’s really hard to get a job these days, especially in Redruth and Camborne! I had a little bit of spare money and thought about opening a shop! I wanted a shop that nobody had ever thought of. So I opened – a second hand sex shop! I know it doesn’t float everyone’s boat, but surprisingly the shop has hit the spot for a lot of people in the town!”

The shop lets you trade in old adult toys for cash and has been so successful – Lewis has set up a little food counter in the corner, selling pasties and sausage rolls!

Lewis said “I can’t believe how successful it’s been and we’ve sold out of most things! We’ve had our ups and downs though! There was a bit of an embarrassing incident on the first day we opened. We sell a lot of E-Cigarettes and about two hours of opening, a customer I’d served earlier in the day came storming back into the shop. He slammed a box down on the counter and shouted “I bought this E-Cigarette from you this morning and I haven’t been able to get it to work!” I picked up the box and said “I’m really sorry sir, there’s been a mistake! That’s not an E-Cigarette – you’ve been trying to smoke a twelve inch Robo Cock! It was very awkward!”

Lewis hopes to expand his new business and eventually trade at Pool Market.

The shop is open Monday to Saturday 10am – 5pm and is situated opposite Iceland, where the fruit and veg shop use to be.

by Steve Heller and Lewis Moon